Why do we exist?

Have you ever thought about the existence of humanity?

Why are we here? Where do we come from? What is our purpose?  

It is a fascinating topic to pick our brains apart.

My story for Project Genesis relies on these questions from a psychological standpoint. All of my characters will go through different mental states that will inherently come to an existential end. Whether good or bad. 

We all carry a sense of meaning in this world, and to survive is one that we instinctively act. One perseveres through health, money, and love. Without these, there is no meaning in life. You'll end up being a nihilist, having no purpose and thought of reality.

It is beautiful to think about our mind, body and it's biomechanics. We have been designed so gracefully in an intricate manner that we can go up against extreme conditions proven by people who have survived them. 

Our mind is so powerful that we incorrectly use it for the wrong reasons. We start developing our personality at an early age from all of the impressions we receive from the world. Our parents, family, friends, school, city, etcetera. It is true that we all grow up differently and develop bad habits. These bad habits can be defects, egos, desires, lust, gluttony, and many more that inhibits our personality into an unpure state. 

The Buddha has once said:

all that we are is the result of what we have thought. The mind is everything. What we think is what we are.
— The Buddha

We are so powerful on so many levels: what we think is what we are. We are asleep during our normal routine days, like a zombie, and because of this, we aren't able to go beyond the truth of the mysteries of our existence.

The world is a mysterious place as such our minds. Let's cherish every bit of it as we can by being mindful and developing ourselves for the better. 

I feel blessed to be living, even if we are a spec of dust in the universe without any objective truth of our existence yet.