About Genesis

The world of Genesis is a science fiction universe about tragedy and discovery. The tragic moment of losing something significant and the discovery of oneself. The story will carry a strong message that I hope will inspire the readers find enlightenment in their lives.

The project is ambitious and will take a lot of planning and researching. It will be my magnum opus as I will expand its universe in segments through a series of books and in the hopes of movie adaptations.

It will cover over thousands of years of story chronicles from which several ideas will unwind. Themes such as religion, mysticism, mythology, blood ties, psychology, war, racism, corruption and more will interconnect with the characters in a profound way.

As I continue developing the world behind the scenes, I will show teasers, concepts, and information about the development of the project as time goes on.  You can check my Instagram profile, or you can come back here for updates. Thank you for reading!